Click here for a list of Catholic prayer request sites in the United States (with a link for other countries as well). The prayer requests page at this website has been suspended for the time being due to a few technical problems and spammers. Tip: I would suggest that you don't put your entire name or identifying information on prayer requests on the internet as it can be picked up by some search engines so that when people search for your name, your prayer requests may be made public. That also goes for forums and blogs, unless you want to make these public.

Prayer suggestions: Realize that God hears your prayers, and keep praying with trust and thanksgiving that God's will be done in your circumstances. Put all your trust in God and seek only to do his will. If you are lacking in the ability to pray or in anything including faith, hope or love, ask Jesus for whatever you need like more faith, more trust, more love, etc. Jesus said, "Ask and you shall receive"... so ask for what you need. God is the source of all good things. Put your entire life in God's hands... pray and don't give up, but keep praying and putting all your trust in God asking him to take care of all your needs and to guide you. You can also petition the Blessed Mother, the other saints and/or souls in purgatory and ask them to pray for you, as well as asking your friends and family to pray for you and with you. May God answer all your prayers according to his riches and glory.

A reflection on prayers for help and healing:

Do you want to be healed? That is kind of a surprising question that Jesus asked a man in the Gospel in John 5:6-7 "One man was there who had been ill for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had been ill for a long time, he said to him, "Do you want to be well?" Perhaps when we pray we can ask ourselves if we really want to be healed and helped with our problems or given the grace to stop sinning... if we do, we are invited by Jesus to ask in prayer and God will answer according to his will.

God's will is always to give us what will really be good for us and others as God desires only what is good (not just what we in our limited knowledge think is good). God 's one desire is to give us and others what would help us and others to become the person he wants us to be and to attain our ultimate good which is a love relationship with him both now and forever in heaven.

God hears all our prayers. If prayers seem unanswered the way we'd hoped, we can reflect on various reasons. Perhaps this suffering we or they are enduring is having a good effect in some area even if it causes some pain. Perhaps the temptation or sin we keep struggling to overcome is helping us in some other area, like to obtain a greater virtue of humility. Perhaps our present sickness is keeping us from some greater calamity. Perhaps our physical suffering or the sufferings of those we love (as hard it seems right now) is having a greater good such helping us or them to put our lives into God's hands and look at things from God's (the true) perspective instead of being focused on the world or perhaps some sin. Some of us might forget about God altogether if it wasn't for suffering in our lives. Perhaps it is just this sickness or adversity that is exactly what is needed to help us or them to obtain the greatest good which is a love relationship with God now and forever in heaven.

So if we or our loved ones are in pain in some way we are invited by God to ask to take it away according to his will and plan. Of if there is something we need we are invited to "ask and you shall receive." (See scriptural passage at the right side of this page). If it is for our ultimate good and theirs God answer our prayers at the time that he sees is best and in the manner he sees is best. We can trust God to always do what is really best because he knows everything and desires only good and loves us and others even more than we love ourselves or others. Let us put all our trust in him and take all our cares to him in prayer. He is our heavenly Father who loves us and takes care of all our needs as we turn our lives over to him.

Also when we pray to God we can ask in complete trust for all the good things that we really need without limiting our requests or hopes to what we feel we deserve. God gives according to his riches and glory and goodness, not necessarily according to ours. And if the things we ask for are in truth are good for us and others God will give them to us. God wants us to have joy. He loves us and wants to do things for us that will really be helpful for us. We are not bothering God by asking him for things. In fact he wants us to ask him. He wants our joy to be complete and if we are his friends he tells us: John 16:24 "Until now you have not asked anything in my name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete."

(All the while keeping in mind that we at times really don't know what is best and that God is a good father who only gives good things to his children and not just what they in their limited knowledge or perhaps self-centeredness think are good. For example, it might not be good for us to be rich, or for ourselves or others to be spared the suffering they might need to turn their lives over to God or to have a certain person marry us or stay married to us... or perhaps we think in our sickness that we are a burden to others but maybe this is what is teaching the others to learn to love and teaching us to be humble. )


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